Friday, May 13, 2016

Dear Blog: I Haven't Abandoned You

Hard to believe that over a month has gone by and I haven't written a thing so sorry. I have been busy learning my new things and finishing up making my first set of cards for my grand-babies who moved to England a couple weeks ago. :( 

I went ahead and posted them online (on Facebook) because I spoke to their mother the day before and she hadn't received them. Thankfully after posting I got a little ding and she said they did come and the kids loved them. Hooray!

I know they are going to have many wonderful adventures and make great memories over there. I'm hoping my granddaughter can go to the Louve to see all the beautiful paintings! She loves to do art and carries a picture her daddy painted for her all over the place. 

For those of you who are a bit confused my son has a beautiful daughter. However he and her wonderful mommy just weren't right for each other so she married a great guy in the Air Force. Sadly he got stationed in England for four years. He wasn't supposed to go anywhere.

My son was a Marine like his father I guess there is a lot to the saying hard to resist a man in uniform. Anyway she and her husband went on to have two more children my little half nanners. I am Nana not grandma eek. So my granddaughter has two daddies that love her very much, and we love her brother and sister very much. We are so blessed but that is another story, lets finish this one shall we.

They left from Georgia and had a straight 8 hour flight over whew. We got to talk to her that evening while in Georgia and apparently there is some sort of an aquarium there. She got to see a dolphin and her sister an electric eel. Her daddy (my son) asked her what she wanted to see first when she arrived in England she said a castle well she will have plenty of opportunity to see many of those.

Since I'm going to send cards over every month I thought it would be helpful to learn how to draw more kid friendly things since they are  6, 5 and 2. I also bought thanks to PawPaw a cute bunny stamp and an owl stamp. I'll post them. I also learned to draw a dolphin too, there are some wonderful drawing tutorials on YouTube. Plus my Simon Says Stamp card of the month kit has a rainy theme how fitting for England. I haven't planned out the cards yet I need to finish up my birthday present for my ex husband. There may be some dolphins in England with umbrellas!

I know giving your ex a present sounds weird but we get along great and he has been a huge help to me with all this medical stuff I'm going through. I found an awesome motorcycle stamp he has a Harley Davidson Fatboy and I put it on some brown paper I got from Amazon shipping I wanted to keep it rustic looking. Bought some Harley Davidson color paint I did 3 tests and I'm about to do the real one. It's scary when you make something for another you want it perfect, but you can't let that stop you. I'll post the pictures and the process.

I also entered a couple challenges which were a lot of fun. I'll try to keep up better with the blog sometimes my medicine makes me sleepy and I can sleep for 3-4 extra hours a day. Doesn't leave a lot of time for much of anything, but praise God I'm getting stronger and I HAVE whipped this!

Post again real soon little blog.

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