My Story

Here's my story it's a work in progress...

Videos were where I was headed and then I had a car accident in 2004 that set me back I lost a lot of my memory and my creativity, I was unable to write like I did before and was considered learning disabled. I had to use flash cards to help me remember, I had to learn to learn in a different way. I was a visual learner and a reader if I could read it I would get a picture in my head of how to do it.

I used to fix my own car by reading the Chilton's manual. Or if I could do something a couple times I would never forget it. After the accident I couldn't remember what I read by the time I got to the end of the page. I couldn't listen to a conversation and remember what I was told. I was unable to listen to noise and work at the same time. I had to wear earphones at work to concentrate it was horrible. My coworkers would try to sneak up on my but I knew they were coming!

Before the accident I was able to write well I've made up commercials for certain products. I wrote a new ending to Married with Children because I didn't like how the show ended, in my story Ed comes out on top. You could read my writings before and after the car accident and think they were written by two different people. My coworkers noted a change in my personality it was that noticeable. I would make my lunch for work and leave it on the floor in front of the refrigerator.

You can not imagine having a nearly photographic memory and then losing it. I would try to talk and completely forget what words I was going to say. It was so embarrassing I felt like an idiot.

One of the saddest stories was while visiting my ex husband's home for a 4th of July party a few years ago (we get along great now, he has been a great blessing during this time in my life) while looking at a picture of my son when he was about 7 maybe and wondering if that was my son. I couldn't remember it. Of course who else would he be on the wall of the house he grew up in. But this isn't about feeling sorry for me. It's a story of triumph I fought back. It took many years I'm not 100 percent but nearly there with God's help.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I beat it. In 2012 it came back again and I had a double mastectomy and the cancer was gone. In 2014 it came back again and this time it metastasized into my spine and ate my vertebrae so I had to have rod and pins and screws put into my back very unpleasant.

Six months later the tumor grew and I had to have the surgery over again and this time they had to go higher and lower on my back with the rods. Even more unpleasant. Again this is not a sad story I'm full of faith and believe I am fully healed. I have come along way. The doctors say it is incurable I say with God all things are possible and I will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord!

Around March of 2016 I watched a YouTube video by Vicky Papaioannou I was just fooling around not looking for anything particular and her video came up on the side so I clicked it. It changed my life, she did an Art Journal page I had not seen anything like it before it was so beautiful.

I was hooked then I found Simon Says Stamp and started making cards monthly for my grandchildren. They had just moved to England in April. My granddaughter lives in with her step father her mom didn't marry my son. Soon after they had two children of their own my little half nanners, I love them as if they were my own.

I believe God led me to that video Art Therapy has been a tremendous help to me, it has helped me get stronger by sitting up longer and I have plans someday to make a healing coloring book to encourage others that are sick that God heals!

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