Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Reason I've Been Missing in Action

I know it's been nearly two months since I've posted I've been doing the ICAD Challenge for 2016 from Daisy Yellow. It runs from June 1st through July 31st and you do a piece of art on an ICAD which stands for Index Card a Day.  Here's a link to the finished ICADS so far. They are spectacular this was my first year and I have to say I feel so inadequate there are some beautiful art pieces, though I know if I keep practicing I will only get better. If you are new to art journaling you will get many inspiring ideas from the link.

It was started by Tammy Garcia 6 years ago to inspire creativity and encourage people to do a small piece of art daily. What a challenge it has been I got off to a late start I'm about 15 days behind however you can still add your cards until you are finished. I should have been posting them here as well and I'm going to now. I take medication and sometimes I sleep for 2-4 hours in the late afternoon so it is hard to get this done.

There are daily and thematic prompts you can follow if you choose or you can just do your own thing. In addition to the challenge I have learned so many new things that I have to show you. I apologize but I have been dealing with so many medical issues and the dreaded paperwork that goes with it. Since I have been on disability for two years now I was put on Medicare part A and B and that means that my medications were no longer being paid for so I had to scramble to find a way to get that paid.

I found a program that will pay for the Medicare part D (medications) but then they wouldn't pay for the Cancer medication which is covered by part B it is so very confusing and expensive. My 20% is 787.00 a month I only get 867.00 a month so I have to call the drug companies to see if they can help with the premiums what a mess. I was told it was all taken care of and the medicine was being paid for but that was not true.

So you can see how I have been distracted. But God is good and it will all work out. If I didn't take the Medicare B I would have been fined all those years until I turned 65. So for those of you who are getting ready to turn 65 or are on SSDI be prepared do a lot of studying. I have a friend whose husband is getting ready to retire and she is trying to sort through all that. It can be very confusing good luck.

So let's get back to something much more fun.

I was planning on finally starting to make YouTube videos of my experiments I've been doing but my camera broke and I can't upload videos. I have an iPad mini but it keeps saying I have no room to make videos even though I deleted my pictures so I'm going to the AT & T store to try to figure out why. Since I have 5GB of iCloud Storage.

I have many ICAD's to post- tips and tricks I've learned - experiments I've done - templates and stencils I've made - money saving ideas from the Dollar Store - DIY art tools - Art supplies gifted to me - and new products I have purchased and products I have received to review.

It's 4 AM so I will say goodnight and get started tomorrow!

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