Monday, March 7, 2016

Been Busy in the Craft Room

Well actually it's a craft chair I have some unfinished posts to write. I did take some pictures so I'm gathering everything I can to finish several posts. They are of course the list of the items I bought, "Are You Mad Over Mandelas" which is about my learning experience, they are harder than they look. I definitely need more practice. I've been focusing mostly on DIY stamps and stencils so I will write about some of the techniques I've been trying out with different materials.

Like making Styrofoam plates into stamps. Stencil making with big plastic water bottles and foam stencils. I managed to paint two acrylic paintings (if you can call it that) I really have no idea what I'm doing but I'm doing it anyway. I also did a cool trick tonight I found on Pinterest with watercolors and a white crayon.

I told you I have been busy and I'm learning a lot. I found this website she is very creative and offers classes if I can come up with $75.00 I would really love to take one. I know you can learn so much free on the Internet but sometimes it pays to take a paid class.

There are so many different crafts you can do that keeping focus can be difficult. So you have to plan and another thing you have to do is not get discouraged. I really want to make stencils but I don't have the money for the machines that make it so much easier. So its called leg work or elbow grease spending time cutting stencils, and learning DIY tricks instead to save money. Nothing wrong with that.

I also have a big day planned tomorrow. I go for an MRI of my noggin and to the back doctor for a follow up. I'm looking forward to that I broke four ribs right before Christmas and the X-ray should show they've healed up and I can sleep in by bed again! I've been sleeping in an electric recliner.

But what I really I'm excited about is I'll finally be in the big city where I can go to the Crafts 2000 store which is now Pat Catan's and the big Dollar Tree store and possibly JoAnn's. That might be pushing it I'll be with my son and ex-husband crafting is not their thing.

But I might be able to swing a trip to Lowe's which is. There are crafts you can make with building supplies for cheap. Squeezable silicone caulk for stencil making, rubber gaskets for mats to paint on. PVC pipe to make paint daubers and a few others that will come to me. 

My wonderful ex-husband bought me a new walker with a seat so I can sit down and rest if I need to awesome for shopping so it's making its debut tomorrow. It's a bit wider than my other one and a lot less noisy. I hope it's not to hard to walk with.

Here's my shopping list for tomorrow again I'm stuck in the middle of not having what I need to make what I want.

Dollar Tree
rubbing alcohol to make watercolor paints
spray bottles to put the paint in
foam bath blocks for attaching stencils too if I cant find those I'll use cardboard
I also plan to ask my friends and family to save their bottle tops to affix foam stamps on
cutting board going to try it first for a self healing mat until I can afford one
soap dish to make my own ink pads
big erasers to carve out stamps
Kool-Aid for making water colors - you can also use Rit Dye or Acrylic paint
binder clips for making daubers with make up sponges (there are 2 different ways)
fine point sharpie mine bit the dust. I found a hack to revive your sharpies but it was to late for this one

Pat Catan's
what I can't get at the Dollar Tree
peel and stick foam
foam brushes
water brush for water color painting

Of course many of those items you can get a Walmart online or Amazon of course but then you have to wait it would be nice if I can just buy it and bring it home the same day.

Well that's it for now it's 1:30 in the morning better get some shut eye.

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