Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SSS and First Mixed Media Project

This is my first challenge and my first (real) Mixed Media page for my Art Journal. I was going to enter it into the the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge which was Food and Drink this week but I didn't start soon enough. However their Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge was Rain or Shine so I adapted it to the new theme. When I looked at the challenge again I thought maybe I was mistaken it does say any paper craft or altered art but nearly 100% of them are cards and my heart sunk a little.

I found another person who entered her art journal page and it raised my spirits, thank you http://artnewbiett.blogspot.com/2016/03/mini-art-journal.html. I just received my first Card Kit from Simon Says Stamp last week. When they talk about being green about a subject I as fresh as spring grass. Thankfully SSS doesn't require you to use the particular stamp makers products each week because I've never heard of them :)

Truthfully I was scared, it's one thing while you are learning to follow someone else's work as a tutorial but when you just think of something on your own well... I just started art journaling a little over a month ago. There are some truly talented people out there. I've practiced a few things I have learned and painted a picture but this was all me. I got over myself if cat's can make art by walking through paint I can make art too.

mixed media art journal

The initial inspiration came from the little tea bag thing on the string. I had bought some fruit tea last week and one flavor was blueberry which is my favorite. The challenge was food or drink, like I said I didn't start in time. Although I had sketched a rough idea of what I wanted I had no clue how indecision would play into it! The Wednesday Challenge was Rain or Shine so I added the words "Come Rain or Shine" which I just realized were their exact words, sorry didn't do that on purpose.

I started out on Carson watercolor paper and used my Gelli plate to make a background. I mixed white and dark green craft paint from Apple Barrel to make a light green and wanted to put a potato bag over it to make blue lines it flopped. So I moved on. I cut out a little teapot, cup and blueberries and put it on Resume paper. I put the I love Blueberry Tea on regular copy paper and rubbed it with purple chalk then wet it. I used my new stamp from the Simon Says Stamp April Card Kit and put it on white paper because it was brighter then on the ivory paper and placed it on both the cup and teapot.

I saw a combing technique on YouTube that I thought I would try. I had dark blue craft paint that I watered down and ran the comb down the paper it flopped too. So I kept trying and managed to get it to work sort of in a cross hatch style which turned out better. I used the rest of the watered down paint to color the blueberries. I also painted the letters which I cut from an old book. That takes forever why on earth would kidnappers ever do that? I think it's made up from TV. Although when I put it all together it looked sort of bland.

So I tried using an orange Sharpie on the letters and it looked really good on the one from the magazine. I went over the letters with the orange Sharpie but since I had used the blue on it first it looked so-so. I almost sent it in anyway but I wasn't happy even if no one saw it but me. I grabbed my orange paint and went over the letters, it made be feel better about the whole thing. And that is what a lady on YouTube said to do, stop when you are happy. 

I made a ton of mistakes but it was a great learning experience. My background didn't come out the way I wanted with my Gelli print so I tried something else. Combing it didn't work like it did in the videos but it turned out okay in the end. I had to redo my flowers cause I put the petals on the outside not underneath lol. I'm sure you have seen a ton of those in nature.

I plan on doing more challenges if you make cards or do art I would encourage you to give it a go. It's a great way to get journal prompts or fantastic ideas for cards. The artwork that is turned in is awesome you will be so inspired.

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