Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Initial Trip to Dollar Tree and Amazon for Crafting Items

I mentioned in my first post that I had just enough crafting stuff from my leftover crafting days to not get much done. So I went shopping at the Dollar Tree and at Amazon for crafting supplies. Here's what I had to start with. This was my very first trip to the Dollar Tree wow what a place it is.

- 2 scalloped edge scissors I have another pair somewhere
- 3 punches a star, a heart and an 8 sided badge?
- 2 packs of colored pencils I bought for my granddaughter
- half used sketch pad
- 2 glue guns and a half a stick of glue
- 1 tile for mixing paint on
- few paint brushes left from ceramics
- 1 dachshund stamp
- a slightly rusty X-Acto knife
- some random sewing supplies

Here's what I bought to help get me started and fill in the gaps

Dollar Tree
- glue sticks for hot glue gun
- colored markers
- a sketch pad I wanted a water color one but could only find a regular sketch pad
- glue sticks
- craft foam for making stamps
- scissors so I didn't have to use my good sewing scissors still need better scissors for small areas
- poster tack to hold down items to trace
- glass picture frame for making hot glue stencils
- binder clips for holding down paper (but found neat tip for making paint daubers with them too)
- laminated name badges, I didn't pay attention they were laminated I wanted them for the plastic for stencil making. But I found a good use for them they are just the right size to wrap around a toilet paper roll then you add peel and stick foam cut outs for stamping. Will do a separate post for this with pictures later.

- 18 acrylic paints
- 18 watercolor paints (love these)
- stamp carving set for rubber stamps or linoleum stamps
- gesso for priming paper or canvas
- tacky glue
- corner cutter for making your own art journal
- 12 x 12 stencil with dots
- mod podge I was going to get gel medium but I read you could use it for this. wavering I may send it back and trade for the gel medium. Although I found out you can make all this stuff yourself.
- non stick mat 2 pack for making hot glue gun stencils and to wipe paint off easily. It wasn't exactly what I thought it was. I thought it was thicker and almost sent it back to get a silicone mat instead it is see through and thicker. The non stick pad is tan and very light weight you can see through it for tracing. I haven't tried painting on it to see if it would wipe off, so I may still send it back or use the extra one to bake with. If I had to do it over again I would go with the silicone mat.

I went though my old supplies a bit more carefully, I'm unable to bend over for now so it's difficult to go through drawers. However still believe God for total healing!

I found another dog stamp this one is a bit whimsical. A couple pieces of felt which I'm might to use to make my own stamp pad. I've found two different set of instructions one is with felt another is with sponges. A few more tiles to mix paint on. A dried out stamp pad which I revived with the ink that came in the stamp carving set. And still way to much material I may have to resort to making potato sacks again.

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